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Archer Public Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.



  1. Each borrower must register for his or her own individual card. A person is responsible for all books and materials checked against his or her card.
  2. Residents of the County of Archer and neighboring areas may register for a library card.
  3. Children must be five (5) years or older to register for a library card when accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
  4. Parents may use their own card to check out library material for their pre-school children.
  5. Parent or legal guardian's signature is required on library card registration form for borrowers under the age of eighteen (18). Parent or legal guardian will be responsible for minor borrowers.
  6. Proof of address, such as Texas driver's license, must be presented. Box # and street address or description of physical location will be required,
  7. A person's first library card is free. A $2 donation is requested if DVD privileges are requested. The $2 fee gives children permission to check out any materials in the library. Parents may request no DVD materials may be checked out to child at any time. However, ratings designation is a parental responsibility.

Overdue Materials and Fines

  1. All library materials are considered overdue if not returned on the date due, as shown on the receipt.
  2. Library books may be returned in the book drop. DVDs returned in the book drop that are damaged as a result of such action are the responsibility of the cardholder.
  3. Fines are as follows:

Books                                                               10c per day

DVDs                                                               $1 per day

  1. Library material may not be checked out until all fines are paid and/or all overdue material returned. Children under eighteen (18) with fines or overdue materials will result in all members of child's household having library privileges denied.
  2. Overdue notices will be sent as follows:
  1. First notice - Send a reminder card.
  2. Second notice - After seven (7) days, phone the overdue cardholder or person responsible. A and B may be switched according to the librarian's preference.
  3. Third notice - If items are still outstanding, send Letter #3 as follows:                     Send a letter stating that if item(s) are not returned by a SPECIFIC DATE that library privileges will be suspended- Letter will state titles and values. Letter will be sent to adult responsible on library card application.
  4. Fourth notice -Send a registered letter informing the cardholder that the next step would be a legal one.
  5. Fifth notice - Start legal procedures for theft of government property through Archer County.

Lost and Damaged Library Materials

1. Any borrower who has lost a book must pay the purchase price for a replacement copy. This price is usually listed in BOOKS IN PRINT. However, some out-of-print books can be quite costly. A $5.00 processing fee is also to be charged.


  1. Each cardholder may check out a maximum of three library books at a time. Teachers and certain professional may be exempted from the above requirement.
  2. Books and audio-cassettes may be checked out for two weeks. No re-check on books put on reserve.
  3. DVDs may be checked out for two days with no recheck on DVDs put on reserve. No more than two DVDs PER address or household may be checked out at any one time.
  4. A patron may use audio-cassettes as part or all of their maximum books allotment. 5. Reference and genealogy books may not be loaned out unless the Director of the Library gives permission.

Interlibrary Loan Policy

  1. A patron may order no more than three books at any one time from interlibrary loan.
  2. Check out period for interlibrary loan material will be designated by lending library.
  3. Interlibrary loans may be checked out by Archer Public Library cardholders only.
  4. Lost, damaged, or stolen interlibrary loans are subject to the lending library's rules and regulations. Upon notice that an interlibrary loan cannot be retrieved, the person in charge of interlibrary loans will contact the lending library as to the charge of said material. Overdue charges for interlibrary loans range up to $1 a day.
  5. Patron must give one week notice if wishing to renew his loan. No renewal can be made unless the library has been given proper notice. No renewals can be made on Fort Worth Library and certain other designated interlibrary loan materials. 

Reserve Policy

  1. Library materials cannot be renewed for a patron if a reserve has been placed on it.
  2. Library materials will be placed on reserved on a first-come basis.
  3. If Material is not picked up within three days of notice, material will be given to the next person the reserve list.

DVD Policy

  1. A patron must be in good standing with the Archer Public Library and have an Archer Public Library card to check out DVDs.
  2. DVDs may be checked out for a two day period at no charge.
  3. A patron may check out no more than two DVDs per family at any one time.
  4. When a DVD is lost, damaged or stolen, retribution will be made according to the cost of the materials plus a $5 processing fee.
  5. A fine of $1 per day per DVD will be charged for overdue materials.
  6. DVDs dropped in drop box are the responsibility of the cardholder. Books dropped in drop box have damaged DVDs before.
  7. Parents are responsible for their children. If a parent allows their child to carry DVDs and child drops DVDs causing it to break, parent will be charged replacement costs.
  8. DVDs on the reserve list may not be rechecked.